Monkey Finger Puppet

Monkey finger puppets’s Monkey Finger Puppet is an easy sewing project for children and grownups alike.  Have fun making simple but creative monkey finger puppets with these FREE patterns and instructions!

Monkey finger puppets lined up

You can pick your monkey’s color.  You can put whatever and however many eyes as you like.  (For example, my daughter decided to make a couple of googly-eyed cyclops monster monkeys!)

Monkey finger puppets showing their tails

Some monkeys have a very long tail, while others have almost none.  So, you can pick your monkey’s tail as well.  (One of the monkeys in the photo has a snake rather than a tail!)

Japanese monkey finger puppet bathing

Download MuumadeMonkeyFreeSewingPattern-letter (Letter-sized paper) or MuumadeMonkeyFreeSewingPattern-a4 (A4-sized paper) and get started!

When you have made your monkey finger puppets, post their photos in Muumade’s gallery.

But most importantly, have lots of fun playing with your monkeys!  And after some monkey business, what else could be more relaxing for your monkey than a nice long bath in a hot spring?


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