The Little Felt Rabbit

Little Felt Rabbit sewing pattern & tutorial

The Little Felt Rabbit is a sewing pattern & tutorial to make a furry friend of your very own. The finished rabbit is 13.5 cm (5 3/8″) tall with upright ears and 11 cm (4 1/2″) tall with floppy ears.

Muumade's bunny and tortoise sewing patterns

Although I already have two other bunny patterns in the Muumade collection, The Little Felt Bunny (the blue floppy eared bunny in the above image) and a Bunny/Hare finger puppet (the hare with the #1 bib in the above image), I wanted to design a rabbit that was sitting up on its hind legs.

Since it is sitting up and its arms have craft pipe cleaners inside them, The Little Felt Rabbit can hold a light object such as the finishing line for a race of the famous pair from Aesop’s Fables! (In the above image, I couldn’t help but add a few cartoon lines to give a sense of movement to the end of that intense race.)

But of course, real rabbits are on their four legs most of the time. When they do sit up, it is to make themselves taller to get a better view of their surroundings, either out of curiosity to see what is happening around them, or to make sure that the area is safe. (Here is the link where I learned the meaning of this particular behavior. The same page also explains a number of other bunny habits.)

Little Felt Rabbit sewing pattern & tutorial

When I was designing the Little Felt Rabbit, I observed that bunnies have impressively large hind legs and feet. But I did not realize how strong they were until I read that a rabbit can leap as far as 2.7 m (9 feet) horizontally, and jump over 0.6 m (2 feet) and in some cases up to 1.2 m (4 feet) high. No wonder their hind feet and legs are gigantic in proportion to the size of their body!

Little Felt Rabbit sewing pattern & tutorial

Since Bunnies are such an iconic symbol of Easter, I included instructions to make a basket to accompany the Little Felt Rabbit. The basket is small, but it is big enough to hold two jelly beans or a number of small pompoms!

The Little Felt Rabbit sewing pattern & tutorial is a download item, which is available from my online shop,  You can click on any of the links or photos above to go to the item page and download the instructions instantly upon purchase.

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Hurray for the impressive hopper!