Huggable Doggy

Huggable Doggy, a Dalmatian, in a child's arm

Dogs, doggies, puppies… They come in a variety of colors and shapes, but don’t we love them all?!  Dogs are undoubtedly “a (wo)man’s best friend!”.

So, here is a sewing pattern for dog lovers.  As you can see in the photo below, I made three ear options for the Huggable Doggy: long pendant ears, medium length button ears and short upright ears:

Huggable Doggy: 3 dogs' different snouts

You also can choose between three types of snout for your doggy.  The cute little tongue that the Beagle and the Starry German Shepherd have sticking out of their mouths is optional; the Dalmatian, for example, decided not to show us his tongue!

Huggable Doggy , a Beagle stuffed animal sitting on the palm of a hand

When making coat patterns for your Huggable Doggy, be creative!  Cut out whatever shapes you want from fabric in the colors and patterns of your liking, and glue them onto your doggy!

Huggable Doggy stuffed animal wearing a cowboy vest

Look at that shining star!

Also included in this set is the pattern and sewing instructions to make an optional cowboy vest for your Huggable Doggy.

Huggable Doggy - lying flat on a rock next to herbs

When the Huggable Doggy lies down, it spreads out its arms and legs and rests completely flat on its belly.  And in no time, you will hear “ZZZ…. ZZZ…”  In fact, it is so good at napping that it makes a perfect bedtime companion for children!

This download item is available from my online shop,  You can also click on any of the photos above to go to the item page and instantly download the instructions upon purchase.

When you are ready to make a Huggable Doggy, my post “How much can an eye express?” may help you decide what sort of personality you would like it to have!