The Little Felt Bunny

Little Felt Bunny - sewing pattern & tutorial - blue floppy eared and green upright eared bunnies

The Little Felt Bunny is a set of patterns and instructions to make both of the types of bunny shown above: upright-eared and floppy-eared.  The finished bunny is approximately 11 cm (4 1/4″) long and 9 cm (3 1/2″) high (to the top of its head). Its ears are about 2 cm (3/4″) long.

Little Felt Bunny - mint green upright eared bunny in the garden

I was curious about why rabbits are also called bunnies, so I looked it up. According to World Wide Words, the term bun was originally used for a squirrel or rabbit in the 16th century, but it turned into bunny during the next century as a term of endearment, which later was again used to refer to the rabbit!

The endearing use of bunny seems fitting for these cute creatures, which are typically considered “small mammals.” But I was surprised to find that they can become as long as 129 cm (4 feet 3 inches) and as heavy as 22 kg (49 lb)!

Little Felt Bunny - blue floppy eared bunny with white pansiesReal bunnies come in a variety of colors, but your choice of colors for your Little Felt Bunny is even wider!

As you can see in the above images, I have made green and blue bunnies! My daughter named the green upright-eared bunny Mint. The blue lop rabbit is Mint’s younger brother, Sky.

What color would you like to make your bunny?

This download item is available from my online shop,  You can also click on any photo above to go to the item page and download the instructions instantly upon purchase.

In one of my blog posts, “The Making of the Little Felt Bunny,” I share the story of how the Little Felt Bunny came about.

The Little Felt Bunnies are waiting for you!