INDIE WEEK 2023: Shop Small!

Just A Card Campaign Image to support small businesses and makers

Between November 20 through 24, 2023, I am participating in an Instagram campaign to promote shopping from small independent businesses like my Muumade! It is called INDIE WEEK hosted by JUST A CARD, which is a grassroots campaign to encourage people to support, value and purchase from makers, artists, independent shops and small businesses from all over the world.

The campaign’s name, JUST A CARD, was inspired by an idea that buying even ‘just a card’ from a maker can help support a small business. It is about how important every purchase and every gesture of support is to independents, no matter how small!

I’m offering a 20% DISCOUNT during INDIE WEEK. So, please join me on Instagram @muumade!

INDIE WEEK’s hashtag is #JACindieweek, but I suggest that you also look up #justacard to view even more posts.

See you there!