Cowboy Vest for Your Huggable Animals!

The Huggable Horse & Zebra sewing pattern set, the Huggable Doggy set, and the Huggable Moose & Reindeer set now come with patterns and instructions to make an optional cowboy vest for your Huggable stuffed animal!

I think (and hope you agree!) that this cowboy vest adds extra charm and character to the already adorable Huggable Animals!

As you see in the images above, you are free to pick whatever colors and color combinations that you wish for your Huggable Animal’s vest. The stars on the front are also entirely optional.

The Huggable Animal sewing patterns and instructions are available for immediate download from my Etsy shop, so you can get started on your sewing project right away.

So, “get a wiggle on” as a cowboy would say! 🤠