We are Planting Trees!

Happy New Year!

The Little Felt Rabbit pictured above is happy to announce that Muumade donated a part of its proceeds from 2021 to a wonderful environmental NGO called Eden Reforestation Projects. This was made possible thanks to your purchases from my online Etsy shop!

What especially impresses me about Eden Reforestation Projects is that they not only plant trees, but also work with local communities to create opportunities for employment, improved health and education for people facing extreme poverty! According to their webpage, they have thus far employed over 10,000 people with fair wages and planted over 700 million trees in 9 nations: Madagascar, Mozambique, Kenya, Nepal, Indonesia, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua and Brazil. I think that it is very important to support local economies in order to restore and protect their ecosystems. Only when these projects are managed sustainably, can they make long-lasting impact on a global scale!

I encourage you to visit Eden Reforestation Project’s site to learn more about their efforts and how we can all chip in to help protect our environment and wildlife.