Decorating Easter Eggs


In our household, the coming of Easter means that it is time to prepare eggs for decorating!  We empty the egg shells the traditional way, by blowing.  It is a bit dizzying and messy, but it is the kind of fun that goes hand in hand with the season!

First, we briskly shake each egg.  The purpose of this somewhat violent activity is to break the yolk inside the shell and thereby to make it easier to empty the egg.

Then, using a pin, we make a small hole at the top and another at the bottom of each egg.  Next, we enlarge the holes a bit with a skewer.  Do not despair if the shell cracks a little bit, because it will be okay.


Now, it is time to blow, blow and blow!


Once the eggs are empty, we rinse them and let them dry.

When we are ready to decorate the eggs, we get out our supply box.


Instead of painting or dyeing the eggs, we use tissue paper, fabric scraps, and whatever else that we find in our supply box to decorate them.

Rip, cut, tear… the scraps into small pieces.  Then use glue to decorate your egg with them.  A tip: Cut a toilet paper roll into thirds and use these paper rings as egg stands while decorating the eggs!


Finish your holiday decoration with pompoms, googly eyes, feathers, etc.


When done, we glue on a base so that the eggs will stand (a piece of foam, a ring of paper, cork, etc.).  My daughter’s Señor Rabbit had a rather heavy hat, so she perched him on an empty plastic bobbin and then transformed it into a magician’s platform!




Happy Easter!  Happy crafting!