Flat Needle Felting

Flat needle felting - needle felted white flower on pale orange felt


Flat needle felting is a very easy way to create 2D designs on textiles.

My daughter created the above flower design on wool felt, and then framed it with an old embroidery hoop!

Flat needle felting - color flowers on an upcycled sweater

Above is a wool sweater that I shrank (by mistake!).  But, since it fit my daughter in its new size, we decided to make it more to her taste.  Needle felting colorful flowers onto the plain light brown garment turned it into a cute girls’ cardigan.  Another successful upcycling mission completed!  Phew…

Flat needle felting - close up needle felting

For flat needle felting, you need some wool roving, a felting needle, a sponge or brush mat, as well as a sheet of textile to needle felt onto.  (More information regarding needle felting supplies can be found in one of my previous posts: Needle Felted Flower Brooch)

I mostly needle felt onto wool felt and shrunken wool knits, but you can also needle felt onto fabric.  In short, flat needle felting is a great way to add decorations to cushion covers, purses, scarves, etc.

Flat needle felting - sunglasses case

Here is another cute example of flat needle felting.  My daughter put this funky rabbit with bold sunglasses onto a sunglasses case that I made from a shrunken sweater.

Flat Needle Felting - inside a sunglasses caseA side note: To make the above case thick enough to protect sunglasses, I used an old sock (only the calf part) to create an inside layer!




If you feel more comfortable having a pattern to follow when needle felting, you can first draw your design onto the fabric or felt, and then needle felt colors onto it as if painting!

If you enjoy flat needle felting, you may also want to try some 3D needle felting as well!

Happy needle felting!