The Little Felt Bunny with Felt Eyes

Little Felt Bunny with felt eyes


I recently made a Little Felt Bunny with felt eyes instead of the French Knot eyes included in the original instructions.  The result was a completely new look for the Little Felt Bunny!

I decided to use felt for the eyes when I was making a black Little Felt Bunny as a gift for a little girl.  I did so to add whites to the eyes so that the black eyes would stand out on a black face.  But, I was surprised by how much the new felt eyes transformed the bunny’s look from its original design.  (You can read more on the importance of eyes for stuffed animals in one of my previous posts: How Much Can an Eye Express?)

Little Felt Bunnies with two different types of eyes

I like both types of eyes for different reasons. While the French Knot eyes give the bunny a rather elegant and more realistic appearance, the felt eyes make the bunny look cute in a more cartoon-like way.

So, I included this new felt eye option in the the pattern for the Little Felt Bunny.

If you already have the Little Felt Bunny’s pattern, and would like to make a new bunny with felt eyes, here is how to do it:

Little Felt Bunny with Felt Eyes: felt pieces

As shown above, cut out 2 white felt ovals that are approximately 10 mm x 7 mm (3/8″ x 5/16″) and 2 black felt ovals that are approximately 7 mm x 5 mm (5/16″ x 1/4″).  Then, rather than sewing on the eyes in Step 3 of the tutorial, leave the bunny’s face eyeless until the end.  When finished with the instructions, glue on the white ovals and then the black ovals on top of them.  I recommend that you use craft glue for this purpose.  It is simple as that!

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