Muumade Supports Marine Life

The Little Felt Octopus pictured here is very happy to report that a part of this year’s proceeds from your purchases of Muumade sewing patterns was donated to Oceana. Oceana is a leading organization focused solely on protecting and restoring our oceans and marine life. Their work is diverse, but here are a couple of examples. They have been documenting plastic pollution in the oceans for the last 15 years to help reveal the magnitude of this man-made problem. They are working on habitat conservation measures to help protect corals, fish, octopuses, and everything else that gets “ploughed” up by the fishing technique known as bottom trawling. Oceans cover over 70% of the Earth, so their efforts literally have a global impact! 🌎🌍🌏

I encourage you to visit their site and discover what they do. If you live in Europe, here is their European site.

Thank you very much for your support during 2020.

I wish you very Happy Holidays!