Paper Cut-Out Cards

Paper cut-out cards: a heart, a sail boat, and a snowflake


This is a free tutorial on how to make paper cut-out cards.   This project is suitable for children and grownups alike.

Handmade paper cut out card - a white snowflake against a red background

The idea of this paper cut-out card is very simple, but I think that the symmetry makes the cards look rather elegant.  And as you can see in the photo above, the same design is on both sides of the card, but with the colors reversed!

Handmade paper cut out card - a white cut out beetle against a light brown background

As long as your card design is symmetrical, it will work!  A heart for a Valentine’s card; a Christmas tree, a snowflake or a snowman for a Christmas card; a beetle, a butterfly, the face of an animal, or whatever else that special birthday girl or boy would like best on their birthday card…

Handmade paper cut out card - a white sail boat, waves and clouds again a light blue background

When you hold one of these cards up to a light, you can also enjoy the overlapping outlines created by the designs on both sides of the card.

Two sheets of construction paper cut and folded to make a Paper Cut Out Card 1. Cut 2 different sheets of construction paper into your desired card size.

The sheets in the photo are each A5 size (half of an A4 page), and will make a card that is approximately 15 cm (6″) by 10.5 cm (4 1/4″) when finished.

Half of a US Letter page will make a card that is approximately 14 cm (5 1/2″) by 10 cm (4″) when finished.

Paper folded in half with a cut out of a heart 2. Fold one of the sheets in half.  Cut out half of you symmetrical design from the folded edge of the paper. In the photo, I cut out half of a heart.

You can also make other cut-outs which are not along the edge, like the waves in the sailboat card shown above.

Note: Keep all of your cut-out pieces.  You will use them later.

Paper cut out card with a purple heart in the middle 3. Glue the sheet which you just cut onto the uncut sheet.
Paper cut out card, held up against the light to see through the design on the reverse side 4. Hold the card up to a light with the cut side facing away from you.  You can now see through the uncut sheet the design on the other side.

Align the cut-out piece(s) from Step 2 with their see-through images and then glue them into place.

Paper cut out card with hearts 5. If you wish, add more decorations to the card.

Now your paper cut-out card is finished! 

If you like making your own cards, you may be interested in my easy pop-up card template post as well.  Also, here is a Pinterest board with lots of cardmaking ideas for children.

If you would like to share an image of your paper cut-out cards, please visit Muumade’s Gallery.