Simple Sewing Projects

Here is a list of simple sewing projects that were designed for children as well as for grownups.

Monkey finger puppets lined up

The Monkey Finger Puppet is a free downloadable pattern and very detailed instructions for a hand-sewing project. Apart from a bit of simple sewing, you can use glue with pieces of felt and things like googly eyes to personalize your monkey. You can also draw whatever creative expressions you like on your monkey’s face! Since it does not take long to make one, you can create multiple monkeys in different colors and looks. Then, you can have lots of fun with them! For example, these monkeys would go perfectly with the popular folk song, Five little monkeys.

An easy-to-make button owl

The Button Owl is another free downloadable PDF file with patterns and step-by-step instructions for an easy hand-sewing project. Not only will you end up with an adorable owl, you will also get to learn how to sew on buttons in the process!

Redecorated hair clips with felt and fabric

Redecorating Hair Clips is a tutorial to upcycle old hair clips. Redecorate your old clips with felt and transform them into fashionable hair decorations!

Designing your own T-shirt: design ironed on

Decorating Shirts with Your Own Appliques is a great way to convert any plain shirt into a one-of-a-kind original piece of attire! Think up a bold (but simple!) design, and off you go with your fashion project. Please note that the sewing part of this project involves using a sewing machine. Remember, sewing details and curves is more difficult than straight lines. In other words, the simpler the design, the less complicated is the task of sewing it on.

Below are some finger puppet patterns which are available from my shop. They are patterns that are easy to make and perfectly enjoyable for beginner sewers.

Lucky Ladybug Finger Puppet on a blue wooden pane
Ladybug Finger Puppet
Hare & Tortoise Finger Puppets
Halloween Witch finger puppet and black cat
Witch & Cat Finger Puppets
Christmas finger puppets
Christmas Trio Finger Puppets

If you are looking for sewing projects that are slightly more challenging, below are patterns that require a bit more time and skill than the finger puppets. But, as their names imply, they are simply simple to make!

Simply Simple Cat - sewing pattern - different colored felt cats
Simply Simple Cat
Simply Simple Sheep Sewing Pattern
Simply Simple Sheep
Simply Simple Dog
Simply Simple Dog

Happy sewing!