Finding Faces in Everyday Places

If you have ever taken care of children, at one point or another you must have run out of ideas for keeping them entertained and wondered what you could do.  Here is a very easy, can-be-done-anywhere kind of activity.

While strolling around town, you can look for faces in everyday places!  A stone, a wall, a fence, a drain cover, a bush, a cloud… we are surrounded by a variety of shapes.  The challenge is to see through the obvious to find faces that are looking right at you!


We found this friendly-looking bird on a stone and cement wall near our house!


Another cute animal, a baby elephant, poked its head out from a rusty metal grating.


Here is a monster woman that my daughter found in a stone sidewalk.


A man with a baseball cap that we discovered on a wooden fence gave us a big smile.


This big-nosed thief was hiding in a brick wall.  What a sinister grin!  He must have done something really bad…


If you become desperate for some fun on a rainy day, you can also engage your children with this activity indoors!

Above is a hippopotamus, a.k.a. a paper towel holder!


If you have a wall, a door or some furniture made of wood, you may find some faces there as well.

It is fun to simply go around looking for faces in everyday places.  But, if you want to go a bit further with the idea, you can also take photos and print them (black and white is better than color for this purpose) so that the children can draw in the faces that they have found.

If you still have more time to extend this activity, everyone can chip in ideas to create all sorts of interesting characters inspired by the faces that you have found, and even create a collaborative story about those characters.

If you do make drawings of the faces that you find, feel free to share them at Muumade’s Gallery!


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