JUST A CARD – Indie Week 2022

JUST A CARD support independent small businesses campaign message

From November 21st through 25th, 2022, I will participate in an Instagram challenge to promote shopping at small independent businesses like Muumade! It is called INDIE WEEK hosted by JUST A CARD, which is a grassroots campaign to encourage people to support, value and purchase from makers, artists, independent shops and small businesses from all over the world. (By the way, even if you are not a small business owner, anyone and everyone who is interested in this mission is welcome to join the campaign!)

As shown in the image above, the campaign’s name, JUST A CARD, emphasizes the importance of buying even ‘just a card’ from a maker to help support their small business. But it is not just a card; rather it is a whole lot more!





JUST A SEWING PATTERN. (in my case!!!)

Whenever you buy any handmade item from a small shop, you are supporting us! Furthermore, another good reason to support independent businesses is that you are indeed helping to conserve the rich diversity of artisanship, which I believe is a valuable cultural asset for all of us.

Please remember that, even when you don’t make a purchase, you can still make a big difference by following our social media accounts, liking and commenting on our posts, and spreading the word!

So, please join me on Instagram during INDIE WEEK!

My Instagram account is @muumade

INDIE WEEK’s hashtag is #JACIndieWeek

Best regards,