Muumade Supports Reforestation Efforts

A felt hedgehog with a seedling in front.

I am happy to report that a part of Muumade’s 2022 proceeds was donated to Eden Reforestation Projects, an environmental NGO. This contribution to making the world “greener” would not have been possible without your purchases from my online shop. So, THANK YOU for helping to protect our environment!

Currently, Eden Reforestation Projects is planting nearly 1 million trees a day in 10 countries: Madagascar, Mozambique, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines, Haiti, Honduras, and Brazil.

What makes this NGO’s reforestation efforts effective is what they call their “Employ to Plant” methodology. They start their reforestation projects by first connecting with local communities and leaders. Not only are these native collaborators familiar with their environment and resources, their intimate knowledge of their community’s needs and capacity also contributes to the long term success of their reforestation projects! Click here to listen to the stories of local employees who are nursing seedlings, planting and caring for their growing forests.

But let us not forget that their local efforts lead to combating deforestation, loss of wildlife habitat, climate change, and extreme poverty at a global level!

I encourage you to visit Eden Reforestation Projects’ website to learn more about their efforts and how we can all chip in to help protect our environment and wildlife.