The Huggable Animals

The Huggable Moose & Reindeer and the Huggable Horse & Zebra are sewing patterns with step-by-step detailed instructions to make adorable stuffed animals.

I recently updated their item pages with new images and more fun facts about these animals. For example, why do you think zebras have stripes? Or how big do you think a moose can become?

Click on the images below to visit their item pages:

The Huggable Horse & Zebra
The Huggable Moose & Reindeer

If you like the Huggable Horse & Zebra or the Huggable Moose & Reindeer, there are also Huggable Doggies and Huggable Dragons & Dinosaurs, which might interest you as well!

Dragon close up
The Huggable Dragon / Dinosaur

Huggable Doggy, a Dalmatian, in a child's arm
The Huggable Doggy

Hurray for handmade stuffed animals!