Fun Indoor Activities For Kids

Here is a list of six indoor activities that you can enjoy with your kids without any hassle. Take a break from TV and video games to have some fun using your craft skills and imagination!

Finding Faces in Everyday Places is a fun and easy activity that will engage your children pretty much anywhere. All you need is your imagination to discover all sorts of faces in everyday places!

What’s Hiding in the Shadows? is a drawing activity that you can do wherever there are shadows. Find an interestingly shaped shadow, place a sheet of paper there, and simply trace its outline! Then, turn yourself into a detective to uncover wild creatures and enchanting characters hiding in the darkness of the shadow!

Decorating Easter Eggs is a tutorial to guide you through a more engaging way of making Easter eggs than simply dyeing them or coloring them. If you have some eggs, scrap pieces of paper, fabric etc., glue, markers and scissors, you are all set to begin.

How to make a sock puppet that really eats!

How to Make a Sock Puppet that Really Swallows Food is an easy craft project that will result in a lot of entertainment once it is finished. I recommend using a fuzzy sock, but you can use pretty much any calf-high sock you like. For the puppet’s eyes, googly eyes are great if you have them on hand. If not, you can use buttons, cut out paper discs, etc.. For the tail and ears, feel free to use anything, such as fabric, strings, thin plastic, paper, as well as felt. Once you have a sock puppet, you can have lots of fun with it!

Halloween Shadow Puppets: Witch, Jack O'Lantern, Ghost -Muumade

Halloween Shadow Puppets is another DIY puppet tutorial. Even though the free templates in this post are characters that are often associated with Halloween (a pumpkin, a ghost and a witch), you can use them all year around in your shadow puppet matinees! Feel free to make changes to these puppets, or make completely new shadow puppets once you get the hang of it.

Making Halloween Spiders with Pipe Cleaners

Making Halloween Spiders from Pipe Cleaners is another Halloween-themed post, but you can have fun with some cute creepy spiders all year long! These spiders are very easy to make. Once you have them, you can hang them as decorations, use them in puppet shows, or hide them to give a surprise to your unsuspecting family members!

Being stuck indoors doesn’t have to be boring. I hope that some of my activity ideas will help you have lots of fun with your children.